New Update on Bob

Alpha Family,

After Bob’s last scan, he has decided to leave the Hospital under the care of Hospice. In just a few short weeks the tumors in his lungs and liver have grown and multiplied by 5 times. It is with great sadness that we inform you that there is no reasonable treatment at this time. Bob considers you all family and loves you all dearly. He will be at his house (15026 E. Brevier Rd., Spokane, WA 99217) and would love to have you over for a visit. If you are able to go see him, please call Cindy first at (509-590-3781) so she can make sure all is well. Hospice is a great organization that will take great care to keep Bob comfortable and feeling his best through his last days.

Thank you for your time and your love and prayers for him and his family as we go through this one day at a time.

How to get to Bob’s house Take Bigalow to forker then follow pictures¬†