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Welcome to your new SMS (Safety Management System)

By Post Master | October 15, 2016 | Comments Off on Welcome to your new SMS (Safety Management System)

Hello and welcome to your new SMS (Safety Management System). The message you are receiving is an email message with a link in it to a BLOG Post. ¬†From time to time, you will receive these notifications, and by clicking the attached link, you will be taken directly to the BLOG Post. Please try clicking…

Driver Inspections

By Post Master | March 21, 2016 | Comments Off on Driver Inspections

An important part of preventive maintenance is the establishment of strong communication ties between drivers, management and mechanics. An easy way to ensure and document this communication link is through driver inspections, which are required by federal regulations. Before driving off, a driver must verify that the vehicle is roadworthy and in safe operating condition…