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Archive for February 2017

Winter Driving – It’s Not All About Snow!

Winter Driving – It’s Not All About Snow! When it comes to winter driving, drivers and operators often focus on traditional cold weather conditions – snow and ice, but the winter months can present many different driving challenges, regardless of your location. Lancer’s analysis of the data on accidents related to adverse conditions shows that…

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Safety Tip: Averting Pothole Damage

It’s a bumpy road out there — have you noticed? Across the nation, streets are riddled with potholes. And many drivers don’t realize just how much damage these irksome mini-craters can cause. AAA recommends the following measures to help protect vehicles from pothole damage: Inspect Tires — Make sure tires are properly inflated and have…

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Are You In The Mood To Drive?

Are You In The Mood To Drive? The job of a commercial vehicle driver is tough, and there are numerous circumstances (e.g., problems at home while you’re on the road; trip or delivery delays; differences of opinion with management; passenger issues; hours of service demands; financial responsibilities; long hours on the road, etc.) that can…

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